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Our logo consists of a double-propeller-look eyeball in a vivid eye contour. We designed the double propeller shape with inspiration from two art pieces, which have connections to emergent materials in many aspects. The eye represents in-situ characterization, of course.

Shifting or twisting two identical or similar motifs can generate amazing moire patterns, intriguing both scientists and artists. British pop-rock singer, Pete ‘Sonic Boom‘ Kember, put two printed acetate pinwheels in his classic Spectrum LP record sleeve, generating psychedelic waves when revolving pinwheels. 

Spectrum LP record sleeve

A self-taught artist with a background in physics, David C. Roy has created mesmerizing wooden kinetic sculptures that resemble dynamic assembling systems. You can find many fascinating features in his artwork, such as hierarchical structures, chirality, fractals, and out-of-equilibrium.

Two amazing kinetic sculptures

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